The Gallery of the Unknown Photographer

The 35mm slide legacy of an anonymous snapper in the late 1980s

We found a box of old 35mm slide transparencies here at our Broomhall Centre base, which had no date or photographer identification. But they seem to be from around 1988 – judging by the fact that some of them clearly show that Broomhall Flats have been demolished but not yet replaced.

They also include some good images of the unmanaged woodland that subsequently became Lynwood Gardens nature reserve, Yasmin’s and Ahmed’s shops, and general street views.¬†Look out for the shadow of the mystery photographer in one of them… Was it you?? If so, let us know!


This page was added by Richard Freeston on 16/07/2015.

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  • Hiya … the “boarded up building” 1988 is on Filey Street…

    By Charlie Illingworth (16/07/2015)

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