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Q. I have some old photos I’d like to contribute. What should I do?

A. Contact us here at the project to arrange a conversation about whether it’s possible.


Q. I’m in a photo and would like it removed. What should I do?

A. We have sought and obtained full written permission from the owners of most of the material on this website. However, we have also digitised some photos which include people we have been unable to identify. Because these photographs help provide such a unique insight into the area’s past, we have taken the decision to include these on this website anyway, even though we have been unable to get direct permission from the subjects of the photo. Of course we absolutely do not want to use these photos against the wishes of the subjects.

So: if you do recognise yourself, or a family member or friend that you would prefer not to be on our website, please let us know as soon as possible, and we will remove the photo from the site. Please see the ‘Contact’ page of this site for details of how to contact us.

Make sure you include in your message the Title of the ‘Page’ on which the photo appears, the Title of the photograph itself, and your reason for requesting it be removed.


Q. How do I add a comment?

A. At the bottom of the relevant page, click where it says ‘Add a comment about this page’. You can then enter your comment, and will be asked for an email address as verification.

Please note that, for obvious reasons, all Comments will need to be checked by someone at OUR Broomhall before they appear on the website. We will do our best to approve Comments as quickly as possible, but please try to be patient!

Once you have added your first comment, you should consider ‘logging-in’ at the start of each subsequent visit to the site, so that you can enter as many comments as you like without further prompting.


Q. How long will the website be available for?

A. Until 2019 at the earliest, and maybe longer.


Q. Can I access the website on my mobile phone?

A. Yes , providing your phone has an internet connection. This might be via wifi if you are at home, or via your mobile phone provider if you are out and about. The website will appear slightly differently when viewed on a mobilephone, but it has all the same articles, photos, sound clips and videos. Remember that media – and video in particular – may take a long time to load on your phone.

We are also hoping to create some QR codes that will allow quick access to relevant pages on the site from various locations around Broomhall.


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