Mr Ashton's memories of Broomhall shops

Mr Roy Ashton remembers the shops and some local characters in the Broomhall area:

“Mr Atkin- Butcher- Broomhall Street.

Cooper- Fruit Shop- Broomhall Street.

Miss Marshall- two sisters who had a Sweet shop- Broomhall Street.

Hattersley- Bath Hotel- Broomhall Street.

Johnson- Hardware- Broomhall Street.

Stuchberry- Newspaper & sweets- Broomhall Street.

Mr Ward- Post Office- Broomhall Street.

Lockwood- Sweet shop- Broomspring Lane.

Ibbotson- Chip shop- Broomspring Lane.

Mrs Ibbotson used to have a Pea and Pie shop previous to the chip shop in Broomspring Lane.

Mr Siddall was the milkman in Monmouth Street, he used to have a horse and milk cart with a son called Ron and a daughter called Margaret and another one called Eva.

Shaw’s magnet manufacturer’s made magnets, in a firm about 4 houses from where I lived, at 37 also 41 (Monmouth Street).

A grocery wholesaler was at the corner of Monmouth Lane and Gell Street called Hodgets and Salsburys.

The cat shelter was opposite Hodgets and Sansberries.

Mr Loxley lived on Hanovers. He was a detective with the police and helped to break up the Moonie Gang.”

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  • my comment goes back to the 40/50s and the number of shops around broomhall. within a quarter of an hours walk from where i lived on bath st i could count 26 pubs, there were 4 butchers shops grocers about 10, beer off shops around 5 wet fish shops,fish and chip shops 7. newsagents 6 so as i’ve always said broomhall was a town within a town

    By william white (29/09/2016)
  • i too remember some of the shops mentioned but the ones i can recall are of r bit earlier,like corkersa or horans witch, was earlierw mr ratcliffe at the post office percy roper the barber.cricks bakery, billy clarke ffishing tackle, mazies childrens clothes, burgons, daviews gallons 3 hogg btchers,zeiers crookes woolhouse both newsagents,berriles

    By william white (07/09/2016)
  • Brown’s was the grocery store on Hanover Street (which later had CJ’s Blues behind it), opposite the The Hanover House pub. It was run in the 1970’s by Mrs Brown, whose husband’s family had established the business in 1886. After her retirement, Mrs Brown lived in one of the tower blocks at the top of Saint Philip’s Road.

    Next door to Mrs Brown’s was Laxton’s off-license, run by Mr & Mrs Laxton. Opposite, and next to The Hanover there had been a tailor’s shop.

    By Barn (03/07/2015)

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