Licensed Beerhouses in Broomhall, c.1870 - 1935

A pub on every corner?

Broomhall Index created by Merce Pujadas

The New Inn, Ecclesall Road, at junction of Hanover Street. 1983

The New Inn, Ecclesall Road, at junction of Hanover Street. 1983

As with so many areas in days gone by, Broomhall used to have many more drinking establishments and pubs than it does today.

Using the ‘Licensed Beerhouses in Sheffield from 1870-1935’ index at Sheffield Archives*, we’ve created a ‘Broomhall Index’ listing the pubs in the area between the years of 1870 and 1935 – and it seems there was such an establishment on almost every street corner!

You can see (and download) the list below. Many of the streets mentioned have now disappeared: replaced during the numerous regeneration projects over the intervening years.

Of the 47 different establishments listed, only 2 remain open today: the Hanover, and the Bath Hotel. And there are even more pubs that have come and gone in the years since, such as the Domino, the Little Mesters and the New Inn (see photo).

Over the years there must have been a great many characters who drank in all these pubs. Sid Pass remembers one memorable local entertainer from his youth here:

Sid Pass remembers local eccentric ‘Uncle’ Harry Moore

The ‘Broomhall Index’ showings the details of all these establishments in Broomhall is shown below. It includes the name of the pub, the street, the ‘Township’ (the administrative area), whether a ‘Plan of premises’ is available, the date the pub closed, and the page reference within the original document at Sheffield Archives.

For example: the Bakers Arms was on Clarence Street (which used to be near the Waitrose roundabout at the  bottom of the ring road), and the Prince of Wales pub on Egerton Street was closed on 29 Dec 1906.

* Sheffield Archives & Local Studies Library reference MC/7/1 

View or download our document pdf of the beerhouses just in Broomhall below:

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  • What about the Washington on Fitzwilliam Street, built in 1847 and still open

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