The Dickinson Family of Broomhall Place: Life at No. 27 ~ 8th Aug 1911

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Dickinson letter 3: 8th August 1911. Page 1
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Dickinson letter 3: 8th August 1911. Page 2
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Dickinson letter 3: 8th August 1911. Page 3
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Letter 3

Letters written by Edith Annie DICKINSON née MAITLAND of 27 Broomhall Place, Sheffield, to her elder daughter, Winifred Maitland DICKINSON (referred to as Freda in letters) during the summer of 1911.


27 Broomhall Place

Sheffield Aug 8-1911

My dear Freda

Many thanks for your letter today we were wondering when you intended writing us. I think that I liked the shops best of anything I saw in London after Westminster Abbey. Your uncle is grieved that you never ever mention him in your letters, also Auntie Katie. I said send a P.C. to your Grannie not Grace. I cannot tell you what to bring servants (?) they are still at R.H.B. It has been awfully hot again here, I expect it is very warm in London. Yes Madge has been in lots of times. She went to Skegness on Monday & had a very good time I believe.

You do not say when you are coming home, it is very lonely without you all. Dad is very down hearted, this his last week at the offices, he has not heard of anything else yet.

Auntie Gert & family have gone to Hollow Meadows to stay for a bit. Be sure to bring home some little thing for Auntie Katie not much you know. I am glad your money is lasting, Jack has done nothing else but write for more. Send a few lines to R.H.Bay. Everyone of us send love to all three of you.

Your loving mother

Dad buried Sausage the next day & today the first kitten died, we expect the other will now.

Notes on the people referred to in the letter:

Uncle: Arthur Joshua Dickinson, secretary/manager of Sheffield Wednesday Football Club, Edith Annie’s brother-in-law, who lived with the family at 27 Broomhall Place

Auntie Katie: Katherine Lizzie Maitland – Katherine Lizzie Maitland her unmarried sister who also lived with the family at 27 Broomhall Place

Grannie: Elizabeth Ann Jones, her mother

Frank: Frank Noël Dickinson, youngest son

R.H.B: Robin Hood’s Bay, home of three unmarried Dickinson sisters of Arthur Joshua and Frederick Percy, her husband

Madge: ?

Dad: Frederick Percy Dickinson, journalist and a sub-editor of the Sheffield Telegraph

The offices: Sheffield Telegraph

Auntie Gert: Ethel Gertrude Hawkins née Maitland, her youngest sister

Hollow Meadows: ?

Jack: Arthur Dickinson, eldest son

Sausage: The cat

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  • Hollow meadows could be an area along Manchester rd going towards snake pass my aunt used to live there

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