VE Day Street Party on Bath Street ~1945

Celebrating the end of six long years

Donated by Terrence Smith

Terrence Smith has kindly donated us copies of these two photos, which show the street parties that took place on Bath Street as part of the World War 2 1945 ‘VE Day’ victory celebrations.

It’s quite unusual, in photos of this many people, for everyone to be smiling! But clearly they had very good reason as Broomhall had experienced its fair share of World War II life, including the effects of the Blitz in 1940.

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VE Day street party, Bath St. 1945
Photo: Terrence Smith
VE Day street party, Bath St. 1945
Photo: Terrence Smith
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  • hello just remembered another get together around this time, this time it was by the dog and gun pub,it was a trip to cleethorpes first time i had been on a charrabang,we had been tol so much about the sea,sand, it was a big letdown to see the beach covered in barbed wire i remember i took a bucket and spade i think my mum had before in the photos of this i’m afraid.

    By william white (08/03/2017)
  • looking at the photos again after nearly 70 years i still remember the ins and outs of who the party would be for at first there were to be our yard and the 6
    households on the street then the next yard, then the other side and this went on it was said to stop at the corner of bath st that is why there were 3 families i didn’t know there names, the reason i7 wrote this time i recall all the flags strewn across the yard wee all made of bits of rag and sewn to string

    By william white (03/03/2017)
  • hiya have looked at the pictures again there is two adults and their children i can not name as they were new in the street,there is a picture on sheffield picture it of the self same houses when they were puling them down after 1961 i can pic k my house and the sheldons and the smythes and other named peoples houses after 71 years

    By william white (09/05/2016)
  • hello. the first picture the people on the left hand side I wonder if any of their offspring can recognize the names here goes mrs fiander, mrs Sheldon, mrs ridge,mrs brookes, annie broadhurst, elsie blythe, my mum edith white, Winnie parker, mrs broadhurst, mrs smith, terry’s mum, Nellie fiander, mrs brooke mrs smythe, another mrs smith.on the right side my gran mrs howarth mrs blytrhe, and further back another mrs smith.

    By william white (16/02/2016)
  • one of the letters i wrote i read it again and i wrote fred knags it should have read fred knagg, he had a studio on the right up burngreave rd from town,seeing all the faces again there is only half a dozen i cant name, all this after nearly 71 years.

    By William White (13/02/2016)
  • hello, the ones in the bottom photo are sat in arm chair, frank broadhurst, one standing name was Charlie, kevin smythe jimmy smythe ,brian brooke, me, terry oats, and terry smith who sent these photo’s his head above us can be seen . on the right side, Nellie fiander, mrs smythe mrs smith, her daughter annie, and son, and bill smith, mrs smith bills mother next.

    By william white (06/02/2016)
  • hiya, I remember these pictures being taken I think the photographer was called fred knags, not sure but I’m on the table along with terry smith who I can pick out, he is sat in the front of his mother and opposite his cousins, pat and Sylvia they are in front of their mother mrs Nellie smith, my nan is on the front on the right,my mum is on the other side behind mavis and Barbara summerset, all in all I can name 25 people in said photo’s.

    By william white (28/01/2016)
  • hello. I have these self same photo’s I also have a third one showing the adults including my family.

    By william white (21/01/2016)
  • me my aunt after this photo, her husband mums brother walter is seen in the back ground,in fact i can name many of the people shown, in fact the first picture is back to front little do’se it matter,

    By William White (20/01/2016)
  • In the first photo the girl at the front is my Mum Rita Mellor, nee Sheldon. The lady holding her head is my nan Hannah Sheldon. I was so pleased to see this photo hanging in the cafe at the Jesus center.

    By Gary Wayne Mellor (15/05/2015)

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