Springfield School Football Team:1947-48

Donated by Maureen Brown (nee Flood)

Springfield School Football Team, 1947-48
Photo: Maureen Brown
Springfield School Football Team, c.1948
Photo: Maureen Brown

Top photo:

Back row left to right: Mr Allen, unknown, Dennis Groves, unknown, unknown, George Kempton, Mr Kinnman
Front row left to right: Arthur Walker, Ernest Walker, unknown, Ben Yosper, Gordon Yosper, unknown, Ron Taylor

Bottom photo:

Back row left to right: unknown, Brian Woodcock, George Kempton, George ?, unknown, unknown, unknown, Mr Parramore
Middle row left to right: unknown, Les Moor, Dennis Groves, unknown
Front row left to right: Roy Fell, Brian Wilson, Raymond Parramore

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  • hiya i remember this first team playing at olive grove ground in 47/8 i was 9/10 years old, little did we know that playing for the other side side meynell rd school in what i think was the clegg shield was albert `quixall to become a wednesday player, i think gordon yospur was playing with older team mates i thought he was a good player, i later found out arthur walker was a very good table tennis player,

    By william white (23/09/2016)
  • hiya the unknown one next to Gordon yosper is I think peter franks. the second picture was a local team called broomhall sports.

    By william white (03/02/2016)
  • Further to previous e mail. I think the man on first row was Mr Marshall (next to )Brian woodcock. At the end of the row was Ron Staniland.. Middle row started with Bill wait. I think the goalie may have been Peter glaves. Not entirely sure of that though.

    By Shirley smith (18/02/2015)
  • this was a photograph of the local football team for 14 -16 year olds known as broom hall sports. They did very well in the league but because they on one occasion played an older player they were stripped of there points and had to start again. They still however got to the final at owlerton sports ground. Unfortunately they lost.

    By Shirley smith (18/02/2015)

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